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Imperfect America - Ensures Recovery at Sobering Cost

This Memorial Day weekend, I cannot help to think of what it means to be an American and how these ideals have driven us to be the greatest nation in human history, but also one that has, at times, significant trade-offs. The American spirit, at the core, is a maverick. The maverick mentality is built into every American by the stories that create our history. From the Founding Fathers, George Washington crossing The Delaware, The Western Expansion, Eisenhower ordering the "Go" on D-Day, New York's finest running into World Trade Center, the "First Pitch" at Yankee Stadium after September 11th, and now the front line worker battling COVID 19. Stories are what build the culture of a Nation; our stories honor the courage, action, and the Maverick. America will drive forward in the face of this historic pandemic. However, while it will ensure we recover more resilient than before, it will also have a sobering cost.

The Nation's foundation, built on a decentralized government, limiting the power of the federal government's control, a two-party system, and the sheer size of our country make us inefficient. However, it also makes us balanced. Our economy is the largest in the world. The world's economy will not recover until we do, so we must lead. To provide some perspective, our two trillion-dollar economic package is the same size as England's entire GDP. The response to something of this scale is more significant than any individual man or woman. The American people drive the response, their individual choices. Our core ideals, culture, and mentality will guide us through this; it will ensure we recover and thrive again. It also means we push to go back to work, school, and activities that define our way of life.

Our history is defined by overcoming obstacles. We will make it through this one. As we remember those that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom this weekend, we also need to acknowledge those who are paying the price as we speak today. I love America in all its imperfections, and I am proud of our bold and courageous spirit because I believe it has ensured our freedom over time.

Grateful Citizen.



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