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Letter to Landon


There is so much uncertainty in life. Each day is a breath that should be given respect. The truth, so far as I can see, is few deserve love and trust, but you must willingly commit it for life to work. It will bring you the greatest pain and joy on earth. The world is a frightening paradox of good and evil, and men and women must constantly decide where they stand.

Each choice you make speaks to who you are. Make sure those choices tell the story of the life you want to lead. Some choices might not be clear, trust your instincts and choose a life of meaning; a life lived by false choices is not a life at all. Live it to the core in your belly, knowing you have given it your all.

Live it with fear to keep you grounded, but not guided by fear. You must own it and thrive on it. Choose to be daring, take risks, fail, fail often, and learn. Learn more than you could ever want to learn. Be curious about all things and people, learn to ask great questions, and be quick to listen and slow to speak. Challenge people and ideas and think of what could be possible, not what is.

Find your inspiration in small things. Find yourself first because only then can you enjoy your life and your choices. You are uniquely you, and that is what is magical about being human. There is no one else like you. Do not believe you are perfect, yet do not be afraid of your faults.

The strength of strong men comes from them knowing themselves. Strength is mental, and physical is fleeting. A keen understanding of the mind and how it works will serve you long after your muscles fail you.

Trust your grandfather. He will do anything for you and knows best.

Be steady in your life, and when you choose a direction, go at it with everything you have. Love deeply and voice your love for those that care for you. Understand there are so many people in the world, and not all have been given the same knowledge and opportunities, do everything you can to help those around you. Always take care of yourself, for you must be at your strongest when people depend on you. Find god in all things and be guided by his grace and forgiveness. Do not be afraid to be amazing.

At a moment in your life, make something beautiful. Do not forget to pause, for life is beautiful and vibrant, but it must be viewed, smelled, and appreciated. Travel and see the world and how people live. Know you are loved and be better for it.



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