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Stock Market

It has been an awesome experience and accomplishment to finish the coursework of my MBA at the Robinson School of Business at Georgia State. My wife is, of course, thrilled, and my friends and colleagues continue to congratulate me. It has been an intense 15 months of time, effort, and thought. However, one comment needs to be addressed, "I hope you get a return for your investment." This is the measurement of success, the famous "ROI," which takes the capital investment and discounts the estimated cash flows of future success to see if it is worth the effort and pain. Yet, I can sit here today and say that without any calculator or excel spreadsheet, it has produced an amazing return. The return is not in a percentage form or a dollar payment but in calm confidence in myself and my ability to succeed, paired with the knowledge and perspective of how fragile success can be.

This bet on myself has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into the unfamiliar. To truly test the waters of what has been taught. To put the ideas of shared value, vision, impact, marketing, creativity, and leadership into practice. To be willing to try and possibly fail is an exhilarating feeling, one that I am sure is only matched by the sense of striving and succeeding or the despair of giving it your all and coming up short. If you want a guaranteed paid check or to feel safe in your career, stay where you are.

However, there is unique empowerment when the safety net is released, the stakes get larger, the focus more intense, and in those moments, you must bet on yourself and deliver. This is not to say there will not be a failure, yet failure with the right perspective is simply another course, a time to learn and move forward.

Now I am at the start of a journey, the safety net is gone, and the challenge ahead of me is significant and exciting. Success is not guaranteed, but I know who I am betting on!

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