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The Millennial Moment

Walk with me down a path for a minute. Everyone writes the same columns on managing millennials and the challenges and opportunities my generation brings to the table. I am a millennial, born in 1985, and all I see is opportunity. Especially with the constant noise in the marketplace, millennials are lazy, entitled, and lack loyalty. Here are some interesting observations:

  1. The baby boomers are getting old. The job market and leadership positions are about to hit a tipping point.

  2. The millennials who have spent the last 5-10 years honing their craft and becoming practitioners in their industry or profession are already being called up.

  3. The millennial noise creates an opportunity for individuals to find differentiation. Think about it like Blue Ocean Theory, if everyone thinks millennials are entitled, and you hustle your butt off, you just won the day!

  4. Technology creates opportunities for those that can adapt quickly and want to grow. Thus, creating an amazing time for those who have been trained to adapt.

So, instead of buying into the noise, I choose to believe in what I call "The Millennial Moment." When the keys are handed over, the generation that has been blasted for receiving participation trophies and a product of helicopter parents will step up and be the generation that takes business and this country to new heights.

May I remind you this is also the generation that saw the towers fall on 9/11, stepped up and fought in three wars, survived the great recession, created more wealth through technology, and is pushing the marketplace to find purpose in everything it does.

So, before you buy into the noise, think of the power this generation could have when the moment aligns with their purpose at a time when resources, infrastructure, and markets have never been easier to tap into. For my part, I do not go to bed worried about the future. I get up each day eager and hungry for the opportunity to have a small part in what I believe will be an amazing story!

Choose to own the moment!

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